Where to Vote

Where can I vote during the early voting period?

Voting during the early voting period couldn’t be easier and more convenient! Registered and eligible voters may vote at ANY early voting location located in the county of residence. Whether you are at home, work or out running errands, you will be able to find a polling place near you. Early voting locations will be populated in our search site Online Voter Central on May 19, 2014. You may want to contact the Early Voting Clerk for State and County Elections in your county for early voting locations. Also, many newspapers publish early voting polling locations. Note: Polling place hours vary at each early voting location.

It’s Election Day, May 27, 2014, and I’m registered and ready to vote. Where do I go? What are the hours for voting on election day? Where can I find my precinct number on my voter registration certificate?

On Election day, you can only vote at the voting precinct assigned to you. Your residence is located in a specific “precinct” or area within the county where you will vote on Election Day. In some cases, precincts may be combined to accommodate joint local elections. *You can find your voting precinct location by using our search site Online Voter Central, which will be populated with voting sites on May 27, 2014. Many newspapers publish Election Day polling locations as well. Election Day voting hours are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at all polling places statewide. For questions regarding polling places, always consult your County Elections Office. *Your voting precinct number (Pct. No.) is located next to your year of birth on your voter registration certificate.
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